Proud Mom
by Jenny Foster
Image is 24 x 24 Outside Frame Size is 30 x 30
Hand Textured with a 3"inches black scoop frame. Ready to Hang. Artist Biography on the back.
Photo of the Artist

 Jenny Foster

Jenny J. Foster assumes her style is a reflection of her happy childhood. A native Arizonan, she grew up along the Colorado River surrounded by petroglyphs, pottery shards and relics left by ancient ones.

The simple, strong beauty of those designs and symbols from the past, have collectively unconsciously found their way into the paintings and sculptures which she creates today. Primitive, bold and contemporary, slathered with layers of color, abstract forms and deep textures, Foster's work is a celebration of colors, creatures and the spirit of life.

Her constant goal is to create pieces that speak to the heart immediately—stirring strong emotional reaction. Spontaneous and strong. The challenge is to create personality and expression, always aware of the balancing act of keeping it simple and not going too far with detail. Too much attention to the realistic aspects of the subject, she believes, takes away the energy and charm of her unique style.

Her style has been described as purposely reckless, primitive yet contemporary, gentle while being strong, bold but sweet, powerful, joyful and refreshing. She likes the "purposely reckless" description the best.

Foster says, "Few things compare to completely letting your imagination run wild—to allow the palette and brush to take over, watching new images simply emerge, capturing the moment and knowing when to stop. I personally do not believe this process can be taught."

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